Outsource Medical Records Indexing Services

Index Medical Records Your Way to Efficiency by Outsourcing Medical Records Indexing Services to Arm Fox

Arm Fox’s professional medical records scanning and indexing outsourcing services aims to organize your records to make it easy-to-use, while updating and reinventing our indexing process to make it more simple and efficient. Our outsourced medical records indexing services cover scanning, indexing, and data-archival, which together facilitate easy access and retrieval and updating of records from your EMR software.

Our End-to-End Medical Records Scanning and Indexing Process

At Arm Fox, we follow a methodical offshore medical record indexing process that streamlines and simplifies the management of patient records in a systematic and structured healthcare ecosystem. This process can be marked by a series of sequential steps, which include:

  • Installing the software for workflow
  • Acquainting agents with client requirements
  • Work flow begins once data is scanned by the client’s office staff
  • Our team accesses the batches based on required criteria and indexes each batch as per the client requirement and placed it in folders
  • Each batch is checked for indexing accuracy by the QA staff
  • Using six sigma methods, errors are tracked for correction/action and preventive action
  • The work is ready for review at client end
  • The team can also upload the electronic data into EHR directly

Proven and Efficient Medical Records Indexing Workflow — A Key Differentiator that Sets Us Apart from Other Medical Records Indexing Companies

Being a premium medical record scanning and indexing company, we take great pride in implementing a proven and efficient workflow to index medical records. This workflow can be outlined as follows

  • Unitization: Patient files are reviewed to assess their logical boundaries and are accordingly grouped for review purposes
  • Consolidation: Patient files are reviewed for duplication and/or unnecessary documentation. Documents which are not essential are separated or deleted as per client’s directive
  • Summarization: Every minute details in the file are scrutinized and a summary is prepared. The summary provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s file
  • Coding and Indexing: Key information pertaining to the file such as procedures, dates, record type or facility/provider names are captured — for use in keyword searches — and customized indexing fields are developed to meet client specific needs
  • Categorization: The key information that is captured during indexing is used to organize individual documents into categories and subcategories that are denied by the clients for streamlined access
  • Sorting: Records within each category are chronologically sorted in client specified order
  • Bookmarking: After sorting and organizing the records, they are converted into PDF with bookmarks that are essential for quick access using per client defined criterions
  • OCR: Finally, OCR software is used to make every record text-searchable

Comprehensive Range of Medical Records Handled by an Expert Medical Records Indexing Company

Our medical records indexing outsourcing services spans across a broad spectrum of patient-related information. We record and index a vast variety of documents such as:

  • Patient demographic charts
  • Clinical history
  • Physician orders
  • Form indexing including form 485
  • Health insurance ID cards
  • Medical reports and charts
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) documents
  • Health service providers’ notes
  • Insurance bills and claims
  • Durable medical equipment orders
  • Pharmacy request
  • Referral/prior authorization request
  • Hospital admission and discharge notes

Why Outsource Medical Records Indexing Services to an Expert Medical Scanning and Indexing Company?

Having serviced clients across multiple countries worldwide over the past several years, we have acquired commanding proficiency in medical records indexing outsourcing services. Our offshore medical records indexing processes are HIPAA-compliant and are handled by a dynamic team of experts with extensive experience in managing medical bills and related documents. And unlike other medical records indexing companies, we don’t stop with providing standard medical records indexing services; we go the extra mile to offer customized medical records indexing services that meet your specific requirements. We do it by assigning a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to ensure undivided attention to all your needs and guarantees a faster turnaround time. We have also added multiple levels of quality controls and reliable technology tools, to ensure that you receive the best of services at all times. The biggest plus of our medical records indexing services however is that, we track the quality and productivity of the indexing and scanning process in dashboards. We even generate real-time reports to give you an inkling of the actual time spent in scanning, and indexing documents. This helps our customers discover ways to tailor our work models to their needs and bring about additional efficiency to medical records indexing process.

With our advanced medical records indexing services, you can:

Intelligently Index Medical Records

When you outsource medical records indexing services to us, you can achieve remarkable productivity rates when it comes to extracting all available data from a document, with or without the use of bar codes and separator pages, and auto indexing.

Detect Misfiled or Missing Pages

In addition to industry best practices employed by standard medical records indexing companies, we also implement advanced missing and misfiling document detection mechanism, which eliminates the chances of documents being electronically filed into incorrect patient chart.

Monitor and Manage Quality in Real-time

We provide real-time visibility into every aspect of our offshore medical record scanning and indexing process, including intricate details regarding accuracy and productivity of individual employee associated with this process.

Centralize Quality Control

Quality control is often a major concern when it comes to scanning and indexing documents in-house. Using a carefully crafted mechanism, we eliminate this concern and give you the ability to simply take bundles of loose documents, drop them into scanners across your organization and index them centrally.

Electronically Reconcile Charts

You can automatically monitor, manage and compare discharges to the charts that have been scanned using our medical records indexing outsourcing services.

Index Documents to the Order Level

You can automatically index orders in seconds with Arm Fox.

Easily Import Electronic Documents

Our medical records indexing services allows you to electronically import documents from external sources such as USB drive, CD, email, fax queue or other media.

Eliminate the form Redesign Process

Want to reassign form names? You can easily do it electronically in a single click with our medical records indexing outsourcing services.

All this means that, when you outsource medical records indexing services to us, you can benefit from the following:

  • Digitalization of the entire patient records
  • Organizing all the varied medical documents in one folder
  • Optimized to offer maximum productivity in a minimal timeframe
  • About 50% savings over in-house indexing costs
  • Cost-effective
  • 24x7 service support for your document indexing queries
  • Short turnaround time for indexing and uploading documents into EMR software
  • Easy retrieval of patient records through assignment of unique ID for each record
  • Six sigma techniques for an error-free workflow
  • 99.9% accuracy and consistency

When you choose Arm Fox, you’ll partner with medical records indexing company that is focused on providing advanced scanning, indexing, and data-archival solutions, which together facilitate easy access, retrieval and updating of records from your EMR software.