Outsource Healthcare Data Entry Services

Building Speed and Efficiency into Your Data Entry Process

Data Capturing, Data Mining and Data Archiving Made Accurate and Fast
Arm Fox has Several years of experience in providing customized data entry outsourcing services for healthcare organizations’ unique needs. Having dealt with diverse data entry requirements, starting from data capturing to data extraction/mining to data archiving, we understand data entry like the back of our hand. This enables us to deftly manage and digitize all the information related to patients, appointments, account details, insurance, claims, admission, diagnosis, prescriptions, billing and reimbursement data with utmost efficiency.

We carry out data capturing, data extraction/mining and data archiving on various kinds of medical records, including:

  • Hospital Records
  • Tests or Lab Data Records
  • Surgical Treatment Records
  • Medication Records
  • Account and Billing Details
  • Clinical and Healthcare Records
  • All Patient Information, Chart Information, Appointments, Account Information, Insurance Details, Notes from the Doctor, Billing etc
  • Medical Insurance Claim Forms, including UB-04, HCFA, CMS-1500, UB92, Dental Claims Forms

Our Medical Data Entry Services

Our suite of healthcare data entry outsourcing services, include:

  • Payment reconciliation
  • Demographics entries
  • Handwritten/printed document data entry
  • Image record data entry and many more
  • Managing and updating clinical, tests and lab records
  • Extracting and inputting data from medical insurance claim forms
  • Keying-in patients’ information such as appointments, account details, prescriptions, reimbursement, etc
  • Claims submission
  • Pre-certification and insurance verification
  • Accounts receivable entry and management
  • Text and numeric data entry
  • Charge entries
  • Payment posting
  • Entering hospital data including details of patients admitted, births, deaths, number of patients discharged, etc.

Our Medical Data Entry Process

At Arm Fox, we follow a methodical medical data entry process that streamlines and simplifies the capturing, mining and archiving of medical records in a systematic and structured healthcare ecosystem.

Data is Delivered to You in The Format of Your Choice

Being a leading healthcare data entry company, we have what it takes to deliver data in any format, including:

  • Excel format (.xls)
  • Word format (.doc)
  • Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Access (.mdb)
  • Text (.txt)
  • Binary
  • Other formats specified by you

Why Outsource Medical Data Entry Services to Arm Fox?

Having served healthcare organization of all types and sizes over the past several years, we have acquired commanding proficiency in medical data entry outsourcing services. Our offshore medical data entry services are HIPAA-compliant and are handled by a dynamic team of experts with extensive experience in managing medical records and documents of all types. And unlike other healthcare data entry outsourcing companies, we don’t stop with providing standard medical data entry services; we go the extra mile to offer customized medical data entry services that meet your specific requirements. We do it by assigning a dedicated project manager who works closely with you to ensure undivided attention to all your needs and guarantees a faster turnaround time.

We have also added multiple levels of quality controls and reliable technology tools, to ensure that you receive the best of services at all times. The biggest plus of our outsourced healthcare data entry services however is that, we track the quality and productivity of the data entry process in dashboards. We even generate real-time reports to give you an inkling of the actual time spent in data entry. This helps our customers discover ways to tailor our work models to their needs and bring about additional efficiency to healthcare data entry process.

All this simply means that outsource healthcare data entry services to an expert medical data entry company like Arm Fox opens avenues for a number of benefits.
Some of the most prominent among them include:

  • Service and support beyond your expectations
  • Get your team to do what is core to your business
  • Customized solutions to suit your needs
  • Helping you improve efficiency and profitability
  • Our team is there to assist you 24x7
  • Delivery of projects within the agreed time-frame
  • 99. 5% data accuracy
  • Assured data security
  • Quick turnaround time
  • HIPAA Compliance

When you outsource healthcare data entry services to Arm Fox, you’ll partner with a medical data entry company that is extremely skilled in bringing together the best possible combination of people and technology to present first-class and error-free healthcare data entry services.