Outsource EMS Billing Services

Improve EMS Billing Efficiencies with Ease

Arm Fox is a leader in comprehensive third-party EMS billing services. Our robust revenue collection process has helped several healthcare providers maximize their revenue potential in the shortest possible turnaround time.

We have a team dedicated to EMS billing services. Our team consists of experienced professionals, including former EMS practitioners, who understand the business challenges of EMS agencies. We leverage this experience to develop customized billing solutions for your needs, thereby making it easy for you to meet the end objective of minimized accounts receivable days, reduced denials and optimized collection results.

We Provide a Comprehensive Range of EMS Billing Services

Being an expert EMS billing company, we cover ever aspect of EMS billing, including:

EMS Billing

The outsourced EMS billing services that we provide is guided by industry leading processes and professional standards. Along with billing, our services also address minute details pertaining to claims and revenue recovery, which ensures maximum reimbursements. Streamlined follow-ups that we provide as part of our  medical billing services ensures that every claim ranging from simple to complex are dealt in the most comprehensive fashion.

Claims Recovery Services

It is a not uncommon to let little claims slide through the cracks when it comes to EMS billing. But this will not be the case with Arm Fox. Our end-to-end claims recovery service, which has been streamlined over the years, makes use of well-defined strategies to carry out a through audit your receivables history and uncovers areas of improvements.

Debt Collection Services

We understand the challenges associated with paying bills. Hence rather than hounding your clients to make payment, we try to reach mutually beneficial payments solutions using a combination of compassion and professionalism. We are also fully equipped to utilize every means necessary to recover every penny that you are vowed.

Fire Recovery Billing Services

Do you work with local fire department? No need to worry! We have the expertise to handle fire recovery billing collections. Be it fire suppression, fire clean-up, fire rescue or any other hazardous incidents, our team is fully trained and experienced to assist you with any aspect of fire service.

Our End to End EMS Billing Process

  • Complete documentation support
  • Electronic insurance claim submission
  • Collecting direct deposit payments from insurance companies
  • Prior authorization support for repetitive Medicare patient
  • Routine and timely claims follow up
  • Custom-made billing process
  • Custom-made patient statements for your agency
  • Enrolment assistance, re-validations and enrolment updates
  • Deal with patient requests

Why Outsource EMS Billing Services to Arm Fox?

When you outsource EMS billing services to an expert EMS billing company like Arm Fox, you can reap the benefits of:

Quick and Secure Billing Services

Arm Fox’ EMS billing outsourcing services are built around accuracy, security and quality. Our team make sure that claims are filed daily, electronically and without any errors. This ensures consistent and streamlined revenue stream into your organization day-in and day-out.

Remote Access

Leveraging our flexible web-based system, our clients can access their accounts around-the-clock and from across the globe. The clients’ sensitive information and other details are managed in the most secure manner and is backed up at regular intervals of time.

Customized Reports

Arm Fox team offers customised financial reports at regular intervals of time. These personalised reports offer a detailed financial summary of past month and past year financial activity of the clients.

Continuing Education

Our informative training sessions are designed to educate the client’s team about the latest changes in the medical and healthcare industry. These programs impart the team with up-to-date knowledge about the effects of latest trends on business and revenue of the company.

Enhanced Follow-Up

We diligently follow-up on pending insurance as well as patient payments and get results that you would not get without any extra effort.

Custom Services

We leave no stone un-turned to build positive relationship with client’s customers. This includes designing and customizing envelopes, statements and insurance claim forms as per the unique needs of the clients.

Quality and Assurance Guaranteed

We leverage a three-step quality assurance process to eliminate the likelihood of billing errors and ensure maximize reimbursements.

Other Benefits of Outsourcing EMS Billing Services to Arm Fox:

  • Medical billing services provided by billing experts with years of experience in EMS billing
  • HIPAA compliant auditing, reporting and documentation
  • Flexible EMS billing programs
  • Customized reporting (including real-time reporting)
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Comprehensive revenue recovery with optimized financial performance

When you outsource EMS billing services to Arm Fox, you’ll partner with an EMS billing company that is extremely skilled in delivering a proactive and innovative billing approach that has been proven to maximize revenue.